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How a 19-year-old fashion designer inspired me to throw myself at you

I didn’t read a motivational book, neither did a watch a movie. I saw a blog post.

It was of how a 19-year-old fashion designer decided he was going to design clothes, pursued his dreams passionately and became the youngest ever to show his work at the New York Fashion Week. Imagine that!

I’ll tell you the little I know. Roughly two years before the fated day, he woke up and thought: “Yes, today I will start to design clothes to generate impactful statements through my work. My name, is Taofeek.” And he got up and did it (Not literally).

His first collection was launched on Twitter (GASP!). Imagine his surprise when a Japanese luxury retail store contacted him about buying his clothes. Wait, what?

He thought his friends were pranking him. Two years later, he launched a collection at the prestigious New York Fashion Week.

By the way, he was in high school (Secondary school) when he launched his first collection. His dad was a fashion designer in Nigeria.

I’m not trying to inspire or awe you but if I have, well… I’m just saying that I was inspired. I also want to tell you something.

I will start posting my work on my blog, everywhere really and I invite you to do the same. What looks like trash to you may be gold to someone else. How will they ever find you if you don’t let them see you? This is my new philosophy in life.

I am going to be shameless and I will throw myself at you. I am going to begin posting my stories on here.

Most of the stuff I write is horror, mostly scary stuff that aren’t really scary. I am also a lazy writer so you’ll probably only have to read them like twice a year.

All that doesn’t matter though because I will be shamelessly flinging myself at you. I’ve warned you, go get ready.

Did this make you want to join me? Have you started? Are you, maybe, looking forward to reading my stories?Let me know or leave me a comment below with a link to your story.


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