30 Day Writing Challenge: 10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

I haven’t been writing for a while. Every time I try, it feels like something is racing up my fingers and into my arms and freezing them up. I decided to do this 30-day writing challenge in the hopes that I’ll get my writing back. I have tons of reviews to write so I hope it works!

The first challenge on the list (which has thirty items) is to write a list of ten things that make me happy. I’m pretty easy to satisfy so I have many things to share. Here’s a list of things that make life worth living.

1. Reading novels. I think this is the thing that makes me happiest. I can escape into another world and forget how dissatisfied I am with my own life even if for just one moment. So, yeah, reading is the number one thing.

2. Family. Someone on Twitter once said you can both love and hate family at the same time. I feltttt that, I still feel it. I love them very much, but they know how to push my buttons.

3. Friends. I do not know how to keep in touch. In fact, H complains every time. I always feel like a cheating husband whenever she complains. Lol. In spite of that fact, I never stop thinking about them. I love my friends: H, N, J, S, C. Love you guys.

4. Writing. This is sheer heaven. I have never been able to connect with people who say writing is hard. For me, once I start, I almost cannot stop. And reading my work gives me so much joy and hope and happiness. Writing is amazing.

5. Food. Who doesn’t love food, please? This list would be incomplete without food, am I right? Food, in all forms, except wheat, Semo and some types of fish are bae!

6. Money. The sound my phone gives as the credit alerts come in. The feel of the money in my hand when someone gives me cash. I cannot put it into words. I really cannot, don’t ask me to!

7. Rain. To be young and dance naked in the rain. I love the sound of rain, the feel of rain, the sight. I love, love, love rain.

8. God. We love each other, period. God makes me happy. Alhamdulillah <3

9. Meeting bookworms. I love meeting people who love books, just like me, who I can discuss my passions with. It’s like meeting a kindred spirit.

10. Finding a movie I love. My current obsession is Netflix movies. They’re freaking brilliantly made. Whatever it is that they’re doing, they need to continue. Netflix takes normal tropes and they turn it into something that will blow your mind. Netflix, you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

So, that wraps up the list. Glad that I finished this. Those are a list of my favourite things and now I don’t feel, so saaaaad (Get the reference? Sound of Music!).

What are the things that make you happy? Share them with me in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!!!

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