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30 Day Writing Challenge: Something Someone Said That I Never Forgot | I was paid a compliment

So, its been a while since I last did this but I’m here now and its day two.

I served in Benin for a year. It was full of bittersweet experiences and I mostly enjoyed the people I met, the friends I made, the environment where I lived, and the special compliment I received.

I hate cooking so I rarely cooked. This means I rarely bought Kerosene to refuel my stove. Someone had almost burnt the kitchen down while using a gas cooker and so the females were restricted to using kerosene stoves.

Anyway, the man who sold the kerosene was so nice. I have this habit of smiling during all situations, especially with strangers. What this resulted into is the fact that every time I went to buy kerosene, I smiled at the man and he was so nice and it was generally a great experience.

What came as a surprise though, is the day he gave me a compliment. I rarely get compliments, I don’t know why and his meant a lot to me.

Most of my smiles are fake because I’m already used to the fake smiling thing. I learnt it way back in secondary school and its hard to break the habit. With this man though, my smile was always genuine and that was because he was so nice.

Well, one day, I was passing by the house where I usually bought kerosene and I saw the man sitting outside. We exchanged pleasantries and as usual, I smiled my big, genuine smile.

The next thing he said shocked me. He signaled for me to stop and when he came closer, he told me I have a beautiful smile. Many people have told me this but the fact that it came from a total stranger made it different.

Anyway, this is one of the things someone has told me that I have never been able to forget. I still find myself telling the tale to almost everyone.

Share yours with me?

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