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A Review of The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

I love novels about black history — those about slavery and the origin of slavery. I love learning about how it all began, the intricacies of the end of that period. For example, I read Homegoing, loved it, five stared it and I recommend it to everyone I know.

I’d been looking forward to reading The Underground Railroad, because its a black history novel and it is so popular. For about a year, I told myself I would read it soon, very soon. It basically slept on my TBR list until I finished my last read and found it again. This time, I decided to read it.

The beginning was weird. There were so many characters, it felt like I was swimming in them, I was so confused. I had previously gotten a recommendation from a friend though, so I was determined to continue.

The story is basically about Cora, whose mother and grandmother lived on the same plantation where she was born. Her grandmother died and her mother escaped. She was left all alone until she met Ceasar who offered her a way out — escape. It details their escape and gives a very detailed insight of The Underground Railroad (which was a real thing) and how much black people were massacred along with the white people who tried to help them.

I really enjoyed Cora’s point of view and the journey of her life. It just really threw me off balance when I was busy enjoying Cora’s story and then suddenly when the chapter finished, there was this whole new chapter of someone I didn’t know containing new characters I didn’t know about. Eventually though, I was able to understand why he did that. It was eye-opening — everyone has a story and while they may not be what we agree with, it’s important that we know why they do the things they do.

The characters! I loved Ceasar and Sam. I imagined Sam as this young, hunky, beautiful man. Don’t blame me, blame my hormones. Ceasar broke my heart. I loved Royal too much, I wish I had been in control of his fate. Cora, I found to be jaded. It was like she didn’t care anymore and I couldn’t really blame her. She felt like a medium. It felt like the author just used her to take us to places and meet people and I didn’t really establish any connection to her character.

I hated it at first. It was so bad that I ranted everywhere about this annoying book I was reading. I even wrote a mini review on my Instagram. I was so annoyed that I couldn’t just forget about the book, I even went to read reviews to ginger myself.

In all, the story was amazing. If you’re going to read it though, I’d recommend patience. Like a friend told me, allow yourself to get to page 100.

Verdict: 4/5 stars

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