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All The Things I Loved About Easy Motion Tourist by Leye Adenle Now That The Sequel Is Being Released Soon

Easy Motion Tourist is the first mystery/thriller I read that was written by a Nigerian and set in Nigeria.

It is full of pure Nigerianness. From the hateful, pot-bellied chief Ojo to the female protagonist, Amaka. The fact that all that badassery was contained in a WOMAN. I felt empowered, amazed and amazing after reading that book.

I read it such a long time ago and I can’t remember all the details but the feeling I got immediately after stayed with me.

The setting — the election period. The sex workers. Everything was so perfectly described. There was so much action though, at a point it felt like a Nollywood movie but that was still amazing.

The writing was so smooth, sliding over me like butter on bread. The story is fast paced but it doesn’tĀ feel rushed. The characters were so well developed and I couldn’t help but find myself falling in love with Amaka.

There’s going to be a sequel. I mean, Eid came early, people.

Easy Motion Tourist was told from multiple points of view, in short chapters that kept you at the edge of your seat, biting your nails. I enjoyed the other POVs immensely while eagerly awaiting Amaka’s point of view. Can I hear a ‘Girl Power’? Whoop!

I want to shape-shift into a book right now, I’m so giddy.

It’s so rare — to me at least — to find such a perfect representation of how Lagos is really like right down to the dirty parts of it. He told the story so perfectly, there’s no under or over, its just right.

It is worthy to note that I would watch a movie adaptation of this novel if such a movie was ever made.

The sequel continues with Amaka finding herself in more trouble than ever. Its called When Trouble Sleeps.

Here’s the blurb as taken from Amazon:

“Amaka returns in this gripping sequel to Easy Motion Tourist and finds herself in more trouble than ever. When a plane crash kills the state gubernatorial candidate, Chief Ojo is picked to replace him. The same Chief Ojo who beat up a girl in The Harem, a secret sex club, and left her for dead. The same Chief Ojo who Amaka caught with pictures and videos of underage sex acts on his phone. Amaka is the only person standing between him and election victory, and Ojo sends hired guns Malik and Shehu after her. Chief Balogun, his powerful father-in-law also hires a gang of thugs for the job. Amaka must outwit them all to survive.”

More excitement, I hope! If you haven’t, I suggest that you should read Easy Motion Tourist. Prepare yourself. The sequel will be out in September.

Which books have you read that made you giddy? Have you read Easy Motion Tourist? What do you think about the book? Will you read it?

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