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Lagos is a Horrible, Horrible Place. Here’s Why

I have lived in Lagos for almost 23 years. Until I went to Edo state for my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). There were security issues there, huge, but living there would have been okay if I lived in a safer neighbourhood.

There was little to no traffic, cheap food and general peace of mind-ish.

Fun fact: I spent over four hours in traffic yesterday (Saturday, July 8). Know why? People who were trying to avoid traffic decided to drive against traffic which caused everything to become confused and stupid.

Right now, I’m tired, irritated and I’m tired of Lagos.

A celebrity in Lagos said you cant live your best life in Lagos. I have to agree. You’ve got to be crazy to live in this stupid place. You cant get anywhere without practically living in traffic.

Everything looks like it’s in the construction process and will stay that way forever and there’s frankly too many people. I don’t understand.

I’m ranting, I know. I’m tired. When will this end? When will things be as they should? I should be able to go out without needing to clutch my purse to my chest. I should be able to go out and know I will get to my destination without wilting in my seat because of the traffic. I definitely should be able to go out without being afraid that the next oil tanker I see on the road will be my last.

Are you living in Lagos, anywhere else? Whats the traffic situation like? Are you enjoying the experience wherever it is you live? Feel free to rant or gush in the comments section. Kindly include your location.


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