Why I Don’t Like Romance Novels But Can’t Help Reading Them

I started with romance novels, like 90% of people who read today. I started with Harlequin, Mills and Boon and Silhouette novels. They were like gold back then. I couldn’t get enough, it was a new one every day.

Considering how scarred those novels have made me, I would probably have been better without. On the other hand, they led me to the gems I read today.

What do I have a problem with romance novels? They usually involve a man – Rich, macho – and a woman– usually a damsel in distress. They meet, may or may not have a sexual encounter, fall in love, have a fight, makeup and live happily ever after.

Why are these novels so terrible? Why do most of us not like them? Could it be because they are so cliche? The typical narration of a rich/strong man and a damsel in distress is nauseating and doesn’t do so much for the strong, independent woman image I am now trying to project.

I don’t read those anymore but I do read romance novels still. Don’t judge me, I love love. I like the mushy feeling inside when I read about two people falling in love and coming together.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are great ones out there and I do know some good ones. I have read some supernatural novels that would give you feels from beginning all the way until the end.

Naima B. Robert’s She Wore Red Shoes is amazing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is most romance novels are shitty and I won’t read most of them because they make my intestines crawl, but you’ll definitely find some diamonds in the rough.

Just in case you’re now confused because I know I am, what I’m trying to say is:

  1. I hate most romance novels, like 99%.
  2. I can’t help reading them because romance writers are getting better and some still manage to surprise me.

Do you read romance novels? Do you know any great non-cliche romance novels? What’s the last one you read and when?


  • Chuks Chuks

    I don’t like romance novels as much as I love other genres. But what’s life without romance? Love? We can’t do away without it. Hence why most well rounded stories have a spice of it.

    On the macho thing, I think most romance novels written by women tend to tow that line. But most often than not, I have read stories of rich women falling for ‘average’ guys. And in recent times, there tends to be a level playing field with characters. And most romance books now aren’t all out mushy but have elements of horror, thriller, and crime to compensate for them. On the other hand, I think this will saturate the romance genre for a while until we start to crave the good old mushy stories.

    I love a good story, read. But all out romance isn’t something I will willingly sign up to read.

    • Simzah

      Thank you! Almost all the great stories have at least an element of​ romance in them. We just need these romance writers to be a tad bit more creative.

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