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A Sort of Welcome: How I Got Here

My blog wasn’t always this empty. I’d like you to know that first, just in case you’re one of the first few to read the blog.

I started the blog back in 2017, February to be precise but due to some circumstances which really could have been foreseen, it was left in a dark corner, to rot. My hosting provider then decided that since it looked like I wasn’t coming back, they would delete all my information. So, here I am.

If you had stuff on the blog, I apologize, sincerely. I know how painful it can be and I promise to be more careful with your work.

But I digress, this is supposed to be a welcome, sort of. So, welcome to the Booksfield.

I love to read and so I thought ‘Why don’t I create a blog so I can meet more people like me?’. Five or more blogs after that thought crossed my mind, here we are.

I feel fulfilled that I didn’t let it die so I deserve some accolades, I think.

Take a cue from me. If there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to do but haven’t been able to because you’ve been procrastinating, why don’t you stand up and do it now?

Moving on. Books I read? Fiction, Non-Fiction, Self-help books, basically anything. I will not read motivational books though, no matter what. Its never stuck and it never will.

I have an Instagram so If you’re not bored already, you should check the sidebar to your right, subscribe and follow me on Instagram.

This is getting too long for a sort of welcome so I’ll wrap it up now.

Book lovers, let us love books together. Go do that thing you want to do. Do it now.

Yes, right now!

Ciao! Till next time,



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